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I can have my drolem carry in sensitive equipment so I don't have to answer any problematic questions. Every time he runs an experiment, we get much closer to devising a way to penetrate Eyal's shield; even the data we already have is enough to take us through one at a time, with the prohibitive limitation of creating a new Orb of Many Ways for each prospective invader. Also, selective drake breeding programs, experiments on zealots to shatter their anti-magic barriers, studying demons to learn more about their altered biologies and steal that magic for our own militaries We even cower from the Ziguranth, no matter how many people die from diseases our healers could cure if they could roam freely, and no matter how easily we could find a way around their defenses if we started capturing a few of their agents. I've been selling potions and inscriptions on the side for a couple of years now, in spite of Angolwen's regulations, and managed to amass enough money to set up a laboratory far away from Angolwen. My sources have told me that you've grown exponentially more powerful since you first stepped out of [insert racial starter dungeon here], and you continue to cause prodigious amounts of destruction. There, I intend to do the experiments my cowardly, squeamish peers won't. You may die, but the data you provide will be immortal - and if I can have my drolem subdue you non-lethally, I'll send you back to the bottom and repeat the experiment with tweaked parameters. It's going to catch fire a few seconds after you're done reading.

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