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In general, wings of a bird are considered complex structures that are specifically adapted for flight and those belonging to these flightless birds are no different. Nipples are present in both males and females; it is only in a later stage of fetal development that testosterone causes sex differentiation in a fetus. In plant-eating vertebrates, the appendix is much larger and its main function is to help digest a largely herbivorous diet. It's ironic actually that an animal, sensing danger is near, would puff up its coat to look scarier, but the human hunter would see the puffier coat as a warm prize, leaving the thinner haired weaker looking animals alone. It has been suggested that the coccyx helps to anchor minor muscles and may support pelvic organs. These vestigial eyes probably formed after hundreds or even thousands of years of living in total darkness. From common descent, it is predicted that organisms should retain these vestigial organs as structural remnants of lost functions. As our ancestors were learning to walk upright, their tail became useless, and it slowly disappeared.

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